Welcome Gaia & Rueben’s Fall Litter of 2016!!

Welcome to our Site!

About us:

Dan and Chrissy Nephin are UCA Registered Arhea-3merican Bandogge Mastiff and Olde English Bulldogge breeders located in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.(In Southwestern Ontario: 20 minutes from London, Ontario)

We – Chrissy and Dan – are very dedicated to our dogges and LOVE them as part of our pack!  We currently have an ABM F1, and an OEB, and are excited to have our family grow and establish our bloodline.

Please feel free to browse the site.  We are dedicated to establishing a strong line of dogges, and carefully select mates based on health, physical attributes, and temperament and ask all adopters to share their questions, experiences and photos of their pups with us to help establish our bloodline and remain connected to our adopters.

Nephin Kennels is a Registered Kennel with the United Canine Association to breed UCA American Bandogge Mastiff’s and UCA & IEOBA Olde English Bulldogge’s. We are the only UCA registered breeder of the American Bandogge in Canada. The Bandogge can only be registered with UCA and OREBA as pure bred dogs.

To learn more about Bully and Molosser Breeds please browse our breed information to gain a better understanding of how each breed is UNIQUE, and further, if these breeds are right for you! 

Thanks for stopping by!  We anxiously await your return!


-Chrissy and Dan Nephin

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